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OH! My Setouchi Campaign


What is Setouchi?

Setouchi is the largest inland sea in Japan, surrounded by 7 prefectures including Okayama and Kagawa. It has more than 700 islands in total and 130 of them are inhabited with residents! Every populated island has their own unique culture and tradition to experience!

Where is SETOUCHI Area
Where is SETOUCHI Area


"SeotuchiBiyori" is the perfect TV show for your trip to Setouchi.
You can see the beautiful scenery, modern art and traditional crafts. Experience the shrines, temples and local cuisines. You can even take a peek at the local communities and their fascinating cultures!

SetouchiBiyori first aired in July 2017 incorporating many beautiful photos taken by professional photographer Takamitsu Sakamoto. He traveled to and photographed many scenes of Okayama and Hiroshima, many of which were proudly presented on SetouchiBiyori.
SetouchiBiyori's second season started in April of 2018 and welcomed You Sakaguchi as a host.

The Latest Episode

#43~#46 Shodoshima island and Teshima island

Shodoshima is the second biggest island in Setouchi.
There are many specialties which has a long history such as soy sauce, somen noodle, and olive.
The host of the show, You Sakaguchi introduces you fresh somen noodle, soy sauce made of broad beans, and craft shop close to the famous rice terrace.
Teshima island is about 30 minutes ferry ride from Shodoshima.
There is an artist “Usaginingen” who moved from Berlin.

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Why does OHK do this campaign?

Okayama Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. (Or "OHK" as it's better known) is a television station broadcasting to the Okayama and Kagawa prefectures (Setouchi Sea is between these two prefectures) and is a member of the Fuji-television Network.

For decades, Setouchi suffered from a number of problems including a population and industrial decline. Setouchi Triennale, a prominent contemporary art festival, was founded in 2010, which helped in part to rejuvenate and stimulate the Setouchi area back into prosperity.
Over the years, the festival has helped bring in more domestic and foreign tourists, jobs and businesses. It has become so popular that it has become a mainstay and major attraction of Setouchi. The seven prefectures surrounding Setouchi also enjoyed an increase in tourism and helped form the Setouchi Brand Suishin Rengo in 2013 followed by the establishment of the Setouchi DMO (an organization to help revitalize Setouchi area) in 2016.

Located in the center of Setouchi, one of OHK's many missions is to stimulate and revitalize the local community.
As a media outlet, we think it is very important to deliver information about the local area nationally and internationally.